Are you a wedding planner or a wedding coordinator?

Thaba Eco Hotel employs Wedding coordinators and not wedding planners. Their responsibilities are to ensure that all elements arranged by Thaba Eco Hotel are arranged correctly and run smoothly on the day. They also assist with the logistics of any outsourced suppliers which are to be present on the day.

What are your responsibilities on the day?

  • To ensure that the venue is set up correctly as per the Final Meeting and to the highest Thaba Eco Hotel’s standards.
  • To ensure that the Bride is comfortable and happy while getting ready for her day.
  • To Coordinate the ceremony as well as directing guests to the welcome drinks and canape areas.
  • To ensure that the food is as per the menu selected by the bride and groom and to the Thaba Eco Hotel standards in terms of presentation and quality.
  • To assist the Banqueting Manager to ensure that the event runs as planned and discussed with the bride and groom.
  • To make sure all the suppliers arrive and are on time and setup at least 2 hours before the start of the weddings.
  • To assist with guests, to make sure they are happy as well as for the bride and groom

Who will be responsible for the running of my wedding on the day?

  • The wedding coordinator will be onsite from the morning of the event and will be the point of contact until starters have been served. There will be a Banqueting Supervisor who will facilitate the setup, and a Banqueting manager will run the wedding from the time that the ceremony commences. The paid for waiter staff as well barmen will also be available.

What happens if you as the coordinator is ill or resigns from Thaba before my wedding?

  • We have a team of trained coordinators that will be able to assist in the absence of your allocated coordinator. Should a coordinator resign the Sales Manager will allocate a new wedding coordinator to take over and, a meet and greet will be setup to ensure that the bridal couple is happy with the handover.

Are we able to slaughter animals as part of the traditional practices?

  • We don’t allow for animals to be slaughtered on the premises as this may come across as offensive to other guests.


What is required to confirm the venue and the date?

  • For the venue and date to be booked we require the following:
  • Venue Hire deposit
  • A copy of the groom as well as brides ID. Should the bride and groom not be paying for the wedding a further copy of the payee’s ID will be required.
  • The Thaba Eco Hotel Agreement to be signed and completed
  • The Pro Forma invoice to be signed
  • The package that you have chosen to be signed
  • 25% deposit of the total amount on the Pro Forma invoice
  • A copy of the groom as well as brides ID. Should the bride and groom not be paying for the wedding a further copy of the payee’s ID will be required.
  • The terms and conditions to be signed and completed
  • The Pro Forma invoice to be signed
  • The package that you have chosen to be signed

What is an acceptance letter?

  • An acceptance letter is a letter from Management confirming that the wedding with Thaba Eco Hotel has been booked and confirmed as per the Terms and Conditions Agreement.

When are the next payments due after the deposit?

  • 90 days – 25% of total amount on “Pro Forma Invoice”
  • 60 days – 25% of the total amount on “Pro-Forma Invoice”
  • 30 days before the event -Breakage deposit and outstanding 50% of total amount on “Pro-Forma Invoice”
  • Day of the wedding – Additions and overtime

Who will be my point of contact from Thaba Eco Hotel?

  • Your wedding coordinator will be your main point of contact from Thaba Eco Hotel. However, all employees are available to answer questions and assist.

How many meetings are we required to have during the process of planning my wedding?

  • Your coordinator would be available to assist with as many meeting as you feel are required to ensure you are comfortable with the planning of your special day. However, we would insist on the following meetings:
  • A food tasting
  • A mock set up
  • Final wedding meeting 3 weeks before the wedding.

Should we need to postpone or cancel the wedding, what would be the procedure, and will there be penalties?

  • This would be as per the Terms and Conditions Agreement.
  • 91 – 120 days’ notice – Full wedding venue hire and 25% charge of the total wedding invoice, difference refundable
  • 61- 90 days’ notice – Full wedding venue hire and 50% charge of the total wedding invoice, difference refundable
  • 31 – 60 days’ notice – Full wedding venue hire and 75% charge of the total wedding invoice, difference refundable
  • Less than 30 days’ notice – Full deposit and 100% charge of the total wedding invoice, no refund


How many people can be seated in the Church?

  • The Church can hold a maximum of 150 people; however, this is dependent on the chairs used and the set up thereof.

How will the overflow of more than 150pax be controlled?

  • There is a lovely patio area on the left-hand side of the Church where we can provide additional chairs for the overflow of more than 150 people. The chairs used for the overflow setup will not be the wooden chairs as per the church, however, will be standard conference chairs with a chair cover.

How does the bride get to the Church?

  • The bride can either get down to the Church via a golf cart which would be supplied by Thaba Eco Hotel, alternatively, a private vehicle can be used.
  • Should a private vehicle be used, this would need to be moved after the ceremony.

Can my church time exceed the 1-hour allocation?

  • Unfortunately, the Church time is only allocated for an hour as we can have more than one function in the Church on a day.

Do you allow for an outside ceremony and reception at your venue only?

  • We do allow for an outside ceremony on the helipad area. However, we would have to block off a Church time slot in case of unexpected bad weather, alternatively, a stretch tent or a marquee could be brought in for the outside ceremony. This will be for the client’s account.
  • Please keep in mind that if a ceremony is held outside, seating would need to be brought onsite for the ceremony. This will be for the client’s account.

What is not included for the Church?

  • We do not provide a sound system however often the DJ provides this as part of the package.
  • Any additional décor or flowers can be brought in from a decor company

Do you provide a minister/marriage officer?

  • There is no minister, pastor or marriage officer included for the Church as we find this is a very personal choice.

Can we drape over the cross?

  • We do not allow for the Cross in the Church to be draped, covered or removed.

Can we remove the red carpet

  • The red carpet in the Church may not be removed however the décor company can lay a different carpet down over the red carpet.

Can we remove the chairs and bring in our own?

  • Yes, however, Thaba Eco Hotel will remove the standard chairs, and your décor company would need to set up the outsourced chairs, and after the ceremony, the chairs would need to be removed.

What are the church time slots?

  • The three-time slots we have for the church would be 11:00 am, 14:00 pm and 16:00 pm however based on availability we would consider alternative times.

Can I bring in live musicians

  • You are more than welcome to bring in your own live musicians

I use confetti?

  • The types of confetti you can use are:
  • bio-degradable such as fresh rose petals, potpourri or bird seed
  • The types of confetti we don’t allow are;
  • Non-bio-degradable such as paper, plastic or metal

Can I release doves?

  • Yes, you are welcome to release doves

Do you offer video streaming?

  • We do offer video streaming for the ceremony. The details are as follows:

App: YYP2P

Device I.D. = 2239462

Name = Cam2239462

Password = 123


What are the menu options? Plated/buffet?

  • We can do both options, either plated or buffet menu.
  • The plated menu will be costed by our chef depending on what options you choose to be plated.

Can you bring in your own traditional snacks?

  • This is dealt with based on the types of snacks to be brought in and the quantity thereof – we require a request in writing and will provide management approval.

Can we bring in our own catering?

  • We only allow for Kosher meals and Halaal meals to be brought from an outside caterer. The caterer would need to be Thaba Eco Hotel approved.

At what age is a child considered an adult?

  • A child is considered an adult from 12 years

How is catering done for any children?

  • If the children are seated in the kiddie’s room, we have a Kids menu where the catering can be selected from.
  • If the children are seated on a chair in the venue, it would be the normal package price per person for the child.

Can I customize my full menu?

  • You are more than welcome to customise your menu.
  • Once you have decided on your customised menu, Chef will then do a costing depending on the menu options that you have chosen.

Do you cater for special dietary requirements?

  • We do cater for special dietary requirements – this would need to be discussed with your coordinator before your function.

Can you do a full vegan/vegetarian menu?

  • We can do a full vegan/vegetarian menu.

Can you arrange Halaal/Kosher catering should we need this?

  • Yes, we can arrange for Kosher or Halaal meals.
  • This will, however, be an additional cost as the meals would have to be brought in from an approved Kosher or Halaal catering company.

Can we take home any leftover food?

  • Thaba Eco Hotel needs to adhere to the legislation for food & beverage service, and therefore we are unable to allow guests to take home leftover food.

Can we add additional menu items?

  • Additional items may be added to the menu. The additional items will be an additional cost per person, the option that is chosen will determine the surcharge amount.


How would I go about booking my food tasting?

  • Food tastings would be booked through your wedding coordinator at least 7 days before the requested food tasting date.

When are food tastings done?

  • Food tastings are done on Friday afternoons however this is also dependant on availability. We understand that it may not always be easy to get time off work and in such instances, we ask that you communicate with your coordinator to arrange a suitable time. Food Tastings cannot take place on a Saturday or Sundays unless under extreme circumstances.

How many people are included for the food tasting?

  • The food tasting is included for two adults.

How many dishes are included to try at a food tasting?

  • There are 2 starters, 4 mains and 3 desserts that are included in the tasting.

How much extra is it per dish to add dishes to the tasting?

  • The additional cost per dish added would be R25.00 per dish per person

How much extra is it per person extra to attend the tasting

  • If you wish to have more guests attend the food tasting, it would be an additional cost of R225.00 per person extra.

Are there any drinks that are included in the tasting?

  • There will be fruit infused water as well as fruit juice and either a red or white house wine available at the tasting.
  • If you wish to have any other drinks available at the tasting you would be able to organise this with your coordinator before the tasting or arrange on a cash bar basis on the day.

Can your chefs prepare items, not on your menu?

  • If there is an item that you would like the chef to prepare that is not listed on the menu, this would have to be organised before the tasting and would have to be confirmed with the chef.


What is a mock setup?

  • A mock set up is a table setting that is set up with the decor that is provided in the package as well as any additional décor as arranged with décor company.
  • Should the client have a décor company, it is the client’s responsibility to arrange with the décor supplier as well as cover any costs involved.
  • Thaba will provide the different colour linen as well as the different decor items that we must offer for the table settings.

When would be the best time to have a mock set up?

  • A mock set up is best done in the early stages of the planning as it would be best to see and discuss if you would like to bring in any additional decor for the settings so that you can start planning what would suit you best regarding your wedding theme.

Can we do mock set ups with what Thaba will be supplying and with décor brought in?

  • We can do mock set ups with what Thaba will be supplying as well as any additional décor that would come from an outsourced supplier. This would be for the client’s own account.

Can we take your décor items offsite?

  • This will only be allowed in extreme situations where Mock Setups cannot take place onsite. If you wish to take specific decor items offsite to do a mock set up with your decor company, this will be able to be arranged with your coordinator and approved by an Owner. This will depend on the availability of the decor items at the time of which you would like to take items.
  • This would have to be organised at least 7 days before the collection of the decor items.


Can you bring in your own drinks?

  • We don’t allow for your own drinks to be brought in. Thaba Eco Hotel will supply the drinks.

Do you allow for corkage?

  • This is dependent on what the client would like to bring in as well as quantities. The final decision will be made by Management.

Can you use a company such as liquid chefs for a mobile bar?

  • You can use a company such as liquid chefs for a mobile bar provided Thaba Eco Hotel supplies the drinks for the bar. This needs to be approved by Management.

Can you have options for the bar such as having a cash bar, or bar limit, or open bar?

  • The bar is managed from Thaba based on the clients’ requirements. We offer cash bar as well as Prepaid bar options. Clients will discuss specific requirements with coordinators before function taking place.

Can you buy by the bottle?

  • Thaba does offer bottle prices however this is dependent on the overall bar requirements and needs to be approved by Management. This must be pre-selected and pre-paid before your event.

What drinks are offered at Thaba?

  • Please request for a drinks list from your coordinator, or it can be downloaded from the website.

What drinks are included in the package?

  • Please request a drinks list from your coordinator.

What are the welcome drink selection?

Can clients pay with cash on the day?

  • Guests attending the wedding can pay with cash on the day for their drinks, our preference, however, remains cards.

Can my guests run a tab on the day & how would they run the tab?

  • Your guests can run a tab on the day. Some sort of surety would need to be given to the banqueting manager on the evening.

Can we have a separate shooter bar inside the venue?

  • We can have a separate shooter bar in the venue. Should the client wish to bring in a mobile bar this would be at an additional cost to the client. Thaba Eco Hotels barmen will then run the bar and the drinks would be provided Thaba Eco Hotel.

Do we need a bar auditor?

  • You don’t need a bar auditor. However, if you wish to have one you are more than welcome to bring one in.

Can we upgrade the package wines and pay a surcharge?

  • You can upgrade the package wines, and pay a surcharge.

How would my guests go about ordering drinks?

  • There is one waiter per table that is included in the package, your guests would be able to order drinks from the waiters.


What time is check in and check out time?

  • Check-in time is from 14:00 pm and check out time is 10:00 am. When rooms are not in use and have been inspected by housekeeping, an early check-in will gladly be arranged. Should you require the rooms earlier an additional night charge might be applicable.

What time can the bride check in?

  • The bridal suite will be available from 08:00 am the morning of the wedding.

Do you have to use the accommodation rooms included in the package for the night of the wedding only?

  • The accommodation rooms included in the package need to be used either the night of the wedding or the night before based on availability.

If the groom wants to get ready on site, would it be an additional cost?

  • Based on availability we will try to arrange an early check-in for one of the additional rooms included in the package for the groom to get ready in. (This would need to be arranged with your wedding coordinator and cannot be guaranteed.)

Do you allow for any kids to stay in the same room as 2 adults?

  • We do allow for a maximum of 2 kids to stay in a room with two adults. This is for kids under 12.
  • We can provide for extra mattresses or cots depending on the age of the child as well as availability.

How much is it for any of the other guests to book accommodation?

  • There will be a discounted rate for your guests to stay over, for the year 2018 it would be an average rate of R2200.00 for two adults and breakfast is included. This would be for any room type depending on availability.

How many rooms do you have on site?

  • We have 52 rooms on site.

Do you offer group rates?

  • We can offer group rates; this will depend on the amount of rooms as well as the total value of the Invnumbernd the season that you would like to book.

Is there a fee for children to stay in the room with their parents?

  • There will be a fee for the Mattress of R400.00 per mattress.
  • Breakfast is also not included for the children occupying the rooms unless they are under 3.

Can we get a credit if we don’t use package rooms?

  • There is no credit for any package rooms that are not being used.

Does the room rate include breakfast?

 The room rate of R2200.00 does include breakfast the next morning.

Can we have extra guests to attend breakfast?

  • You can have extra guests attend breakfast the next morning. They will have to settle for their breakfast before departure from the restaurant.
  • Your wedding coordinator can also assist with a breakfast booking for your wedding party the following morning.

How would my guests book their own rooms?

  • Your guests would be able to book through your wedding coordinator.

Can we book all 52 rooms at a better rate?

  • If all 52 rooms are booked, and a deposit is paid for all 52 rooms, we would certainly provide a better rate per room.


How many hours is the venue hire included for?

  • The venue hire is included for 8 hours from the time you enter the church or 00:00 which ever one comes first.

What time can you do over time up until?

  • Up until 02:00 am is the latest that over time will be allowed. If, however, all 52 accommodation rooms are booked the venue can be used up until 04:00. The overtime venue hire rates and staff rates will still apply. This will also need to be approved by Management, and music levels would still need to be turned down based on the fact that Thaba is still an Eco hotel.

Does Thaba have air-conditioning?

  • All the venues at Thaba Eco Hotel are air-conditioned.

Does Thaba have generators?

  • Thaba Eco Hotel has 2 generators onsite.

Where can family photos and couple photos be taken?

  • Couple photos can be taken anywhere on the property. If your photographer has worked at Thaba Eco Hotel before they would know the best places to take the photos. Should your photographer be new to Thaba, we will gladly allow them access to the property to scout the venue. We strongly recommend this to avoid time delays on the day of the wedding.
  • We do also have a reserve where couple photos can be taken at an additional cost
  • The golf carts will be available for you and your photographers to take you to the various places to take the couple photos.
  • Friends and family photos are generally taken close to or in the venue.

Can fireworks or Chinese lanterns be released?

  • Fireworks and Chinese lanterns will not be allowed to be released as we are situated in a reserve.

Can we practice our family traditions such as breaking plates or burn alcohol during the reception?

  • Breaking of plates and burning of alcohol is allowed provided you bring in a dance floor that will be big enough. Any damage incurred will be for the client’s expense.

Are our guests allowed to smoke in the venues?

  • No smoking will be allowed in the venue – we do have smoking areas that are very close to the venue.


When can the venue be set up?

  • The venue is setup on the day of the wedding unless for some reason the venue is available the day before. On the day of the wedding the venue will be available from 06:00 am.

How would we go about setting up the day before the wedding?

  • If there are no functions the day before the wedding, the venue can be set up the day before. Please liaise with your wedding coordinator as to a time that the décor company can come in to do their setup. Should you require a guaranteed setup the day before the wedding depending on the season it be either venue hire charge, or venue hire and a meal surcharge since we will not be able to sell the venue.

Can we store décor at the venue before/after the wedding date?

  • No décor will be allowed to be stored at the venue before or after the wedding date.

Why can’t we store décor at the venue before/after the wedding?

  • We do not have storage space for extra décor. We also would need the venue space for other functions that will be taking place before and after the wedding. Damages and breakages.

Who does the setup?

  • Thaba Eco Hotel team will set up everything that is coming from the venue. Any additional décor would have to be set up by the décor company.

When should décor that has been brought in be collected?

  • Either the night of the wedding, once all guests have left or early the next morning.

Do you provide set up staff from Thaba on the day?

  • There is set up staff provided from Thaba on the day of the wedding. Thaba staff only facilitate the setup requirements for Thaba. Décor company would need to provide their own staff for their setup.


How long do we have staff for on the day?

  • Staff are included for 9 hours excluding overtime.

What time do the staff arrive and leave after the event?

  • 30 minutes before the function starts and 30 minutes after the function.

Are there staff cleaning the bathrooms and facilities during the function?

  • There are cleaning staff available during the time of the function

Do we need to hire in additional staff?

  • The amount of staff that is included in the package is the standard amount of staff that would be needed for a wedding. Should you wish to increase staff, this is possible however is an additional cost.

Is your staff rate negotiable? or can we bring in our own staff to save on costs?

  • Staff rates are not negotiable as the staff are hired in from a professional company. Depending on the requirements of the function Management may reduce staff based on their discretion.
  • We don’t allow for you to bring in your own staff as the staff that work our functions have been trained to keep up with the standards of Thaba Eco Hotel.

What the staff are not allowed to do?

  • Please refrain from entrusting service staff with gifts and valuables, these should be looked after and handled by yourself or a nominated guest only.


How many people can be seated at a round table and a square table?

  • 10 people can be seated at a round table, and 12 people can be seated on a square table

Is it possible to have less people per table and have more tables in the venue?

  • It is possible to have fewer people on a table and to have more tables in the venue, although the package is based on 10 people per table. There will be an extra cost for the wines per table extra as well as for the waiters per additional table.

Can draping be done in the venue?

  • Draping can be done in the venue; however, it would have to be free standing draping.

Can we bring in our own tables & chairs?

  • You can bring in your own tables and chairs however this would have to be set up by the company that it has been hired from.

What linen options do you have?

  • We have White and Black linen options for the tables as well as the chair covers. For the napkins, we have white and black.
  • We do not have square linen, so this would need to be hired in at the client’s expense.


Is there a surcharge for bringing in any of my suppliers?

  • There won’t be a surcharge to use your own suppliers.

Can I use my own suppliers other than the suppliers that are listed on the supplier’s list?

  • You can use your own suppliers other than the suppliers listed on the preferred supplier’s list.

Can suppliers come before the time to see the venue?

  • Suppliers are more than welcome to come before the time to see the venue. This would have to be arranged with your coordinator to make sure the space they would like to see is available on the date that they would like to come through.

How would I cater for my suppliers/service providers?

  • We do have an option of doing a supplier meal for the suppliers. If they are seated in the venue, they will, however, be billed the normal package price per person.

Are there any suppliers that we can’t bring to Thaba?

  • There are no suppliers that you would not be allowed to bring to Thaba. Thaba, however, does recommend that suppliers be accredited and does not take responsibility for any suppliers.
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