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  • DIY Deluxe 2019
  • R 595 Per Person
  • DIY Deluxe 2020
  • R 630 Per Person
  • DIY Deluxe 2021
  • R 680 Per Person

DIY Deluxe Package

This is what the package includes and the buffet menu breakdown included in the package. The buffet menu can be upgraded and items added to the package.
  • DIY Deluxe
  • * Included In Package
    • Use of the Church
    • __________
    • Buffet Menu
    • Bread Station with Flavoured Butters
    • 2 Starters
    • 8 Mains
    • 3 Desserts
    • or Plated Meal Option
    • __________
    • 1 Waitron for Every 20/24 Guests
    • 1 Barman for Every 50 Guests
    • __________
    • Standard Tables & Chairs
    • __________
    • 1 Honeymoon Suite
    • __________
    • * Terms & Conditions Apply – E&OE.
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  • DIY Deluxe
  • * Included Buffet Menu
  • BREAD STATION Select 3 Options 

    Selection of French baguettes, white and whole-wheat bread rolls, olive loaves and rooibos health bread, herbed buttermilk bread and:

    • Cumin roasted cauliflower and chickpea pesto
    • Marinated grilled chicken pinched in Greek yoghurt with turmeric, garlic and lemon
    • Marinated Danish feta with chilli, mint, rosemary, lemon zest and olive oil
    • Chargrilled Mediterranean styled peppers macerated in aged balsamic, coriander and olive oil
    • Slow roasted olives with cloves of garlic, plum cherry tomato, rosemary and chilli

    STARTERS – Select 2 Options

    • Traditional Caesar salad with crispy pancetta, herb croutons, boiled eggs, anchovies, creamy Caesar dressing and parmesan shards
    • Roasted chickpea salad with avocado and fresh chilli, tossed with tomato, red onion, fresh coriander and grilled corn served with a marinated grilled chicken skewer
    • Tuna Nicoise Salad: Crisp French beans, sautéed baby potatoes, boiled egg, Kalamata olives, cherry tomatoes with a creamy anchovy dressing
    • Siracha sticky chicken wings on a bed of rice noodles with coriander, bean sprouts, julienne carrots and fresh basil leaves
    • Tapas platter consisting of fried halloumi, olive tapenade, hummus, roasted aubergine and baby marrow served with a cumin and coriander toasted flatbread
    • Cheese, sweetcorn and chilli rolls plated with turmeric potato pastry triangles and spinach chilli bites with a sweetcorn dipper
    • Individually shelled prawn nestled between layers of iceberg chiffonade, tomato and paprika aioli, cucumber ribbons topped with mango caviar
    • Korean inspired chicken gyro served with egg ribbon fried rice and a spicy coconut infused dipper
    • Moroccan lamb kofta accompanied by stewed fruits and minted cous-cous dressed with Arabic sumac yoghurt
    • Summer Caprese kebabs of natural mozzarella, plum tomato, basil, watermelon and spanspek nesting on top of crisp dressed salad leaves
    • Arancini balls stuffed with exotic mushrooms and matured cheddar circled by a roasted pepper and tomato cremeux
    • Mexican tostadas filled with fiery beef chill, spiced guacamole and topped with set soured cream

    RED MEATS – Select 2 Options

    • Sliced rump topped with cream cheese and avocado puree
    • Homemade beef mince meatloaf with roasted paprika and feta crumble
    • Charred lamb cubes steeped in coconut cream and Thai yellow curry

    WHITE MEATS Select 2 Options

    • Scorched chicken breast napped with a rich vindaloo sauce
    • Peri-Peri glazed chicken thighs topped with a chilli cream
    • Creamy fish and pea pie topped with Lyonnaise potatoes

    VEGETARIAN – Can substitute for any other dish

    • Butternut, creamy spinach and filo pastry layers
    • Seasonal vegetable lasagne

    FROM THE GARDEN Select 2 Options

    Grilled baby butternut finished with thyme and crumbed parmesan

    • sautéed cherry tomato, basil and roquette penne pasta
    • Tender stem broccoli topped with grated eggs and ciabatta crumbs
    • Blanched French beans and sticky red onions
    • Broad bean and baby potato curry
    • Creamy chilli and cheese cauliflower
    • Spinach, feta and roasted tomato layered lasagne
    • Creamy spinach, tomato and beans
    • Sundried tomato, kale pesto and bow tie pasta  

    POTATOES AND RICE Select 2 Options

    • Flash fried rice flavoured with scallions and pickled garlic
    • Sweet potato mash topped with cracked pecans and honey
    • Spinach and tomato fried rice
    • New potatoes sautéed in mustard and creamed coconut
    • Turmeric and cumin spiced basmati
    • Jacket potatoes accompanied by spiced sour cream or herbed butter
    • Chunky roasted potatoes dipped in rosemary butter
    • Mashed potatoes fused with nutmeg and chives
    • Potato dauphinoise

    BUFFET DESSERT – Select 3 Options

    • Summer Berry Cheesecake
    • Fresh summer berry cheesecake topped with macerated strawberry and coconut tuille
    • Chai Panna Cotta
    • Italian panna cotta steeped with a chai latte and chocolate Rossini wafer curl
    • Madeira Marble
    • Marbled chocolate Madeira cake served with spiced port cream
    • Glossy Profiteroles
    • Choux pastry filled with a honey and vanilla cream dipped in glossy chocolate
    • Summer Stacks
    • Summer fruit pavlova stacks on a fresh lemon curd smear
    • Raspberry Fudgy Brownies
    • Fudge brownies topped with stock raspberry syrup and vanilla ice cream with candied petals
    • Seriously Good Banoffee Pie
    • Banoffee pie layered with caramel, banana and mascarpone cheese finished with shaved Swiss Toblerone
    • Black Forest and Cherries
    • Black forest cake stacks with homemade cherry pie filling

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